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Mzee Yusuf Exposed : He’s only making a comeback because he’s knee-deep in debt

Taarab maestro Mzee Yusuf has come out to confess that his great comeback into the music business isn’t purely about his love for the business but also because he’s knee-deep in debt.

Mzee Yusuf, who is big in Tanzania and Kenya’s coast region, opened up about his controversial comeback launched three months ago saying that being in debt is one of the key reasons that pushed for his return

Yusuf was the top Taarabu singer in East Africa but surprised many following his retirement announcement almost six months ago in order to serve God. The singer said he was leaving music to focus on Qaswidas.

But a few months after announcing his comeback, Bongo Flavor singer Suma Lee has come out to expose him saying he’s only making a comeback because he’s in debt and he’s been trying to clear it off.

“I am advising you, when you quit, you left all behind to worship God. Your creator. You are now back with reasons that you really can’t say. You are hiding behind the Tsh100 million debt. I don’t think that is the reason. If it was about debt, you would have shared on social media and gotten help from Tanzania and around the world. Remember what you said of Ommy Dimpoz going back to secular after the life-threatening surgery?” said Suma Lee on Instagram.


“You also said you used to get between Sh900,000 (Tsh20 million) and Sh1.4 million (Tsh30 million) and that it was hard to let it go. Plus, the loss of your family members too. All that, God was testing your faith. To go back to God, don’t depend on trivial, worldly merry. I pray that you overcome whatever is pushing you to secular.”

Feeling exposed, Mzee Yusuf had no other option but to come clean. He revealed that he’s currently carrying a debt totaling to Ksh 16 million and is has to leave God’s work and resume performing to clear the debt.

“The move that I made needs a deeper understanding. It is not that simple. There is no right or wrong in this matter, there are other modalities that I have considered. Look, must I beg to have the debt cleared? Forget the Sh5 million (Tsh100 million), I have accrued over Sh16 million (Tsh340 million) in debt. Let them come, we sort it out. If they really want to offset it, I have no problem; I am ready,” said Mzee Yusuf in an interview with Wasafi.

He went on:

“I am ready, right now if that is what it takes. I did this to sort my issues. Once I am comfortable I have no qualms pushing back. Look, there is what God requires of me and then there is the drama by human beings,” added the singer.

He went on to share that the debt wasn’t a loan he was servicing but didn’t really explain how it came about.

“I have been slapped with the debt. I did not ask for a loan. I have evidence that I can share with you (Wasafi presenter) so that you can deduce whether I am being blackmailed or robbed. Some are just shouting that I have abandoned God, they have no clue. Faith is what is at heart. Faith is not what is in their mouths. They themselves know what is truly going on, that is why I don’t want to trivialize this into a personality contest,” said Mzee Yusuf.

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