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Akothee breathing fire as she promises major revenge on Massawe this Friday

Days after a controversial interview from Radio Jambo host Massawe Japanni and Akothee’s daughter Vesha Sheilan Okello, Akothee has vowed to launch another major attack on Japanni come Friday 21.

Akothee has been ranting since Tuesday after her firstborn daughter was interviewed by Japanni, who allegedly pressed the young lady to confess she hates her mother.

Akothee gave a long explanation of why Japanni was stepping on a red wire, insisting that her interview lacked impartiality and was meant to her hurt her daughter, image and family at large.

And on Friday, Akothee will be seeking revenge.

A fan posted some of the questions Japanni pestered Okelle with on the interview something that irked Akothee even more after bumping into them on social media.

Akothee post“Someone tell me it’s not true,” she said after reading the questions.

“If this were the kind of questions this idiot of a woman asked my child 🤭🤭🤭🤦🤦🤦? I AM BUSY WITH CORVID_19 Solving situation Today & Tomorrow. Let me handle this woman on behalf of all single mothers on Friday. I will put her in her place and she will serve as an example to the rest of fake presenters , rubbish .pretender ,fake ,jealous , shameless mannerless of a mother.”

Massawe and Akothee's daughter“Masawa I am coming for an explanation, and I want you to give me a full detailed report of how your family is doing right now.I demand an interview in your home and how you live your life together with your husband ,🙏sorry this time round ,you have touched my G sp0t 🚫 let’s get to cl!max babe, I know you want my life so bad ,but you are just weak.”

In the interview, Okello confessed that after her parents split, she had to be taken to her grandmother’s place where she totally hated it.

“I hated mopping the house because I would clean the house then an uncle of mine would come with dirty shoes and step all over the place and I was forced to start over again,” she said in the interview.

When the pressure got to Okello, she used a public phone to call Akothee and threatened to take her own life if she didn’t go for her and the siblings.

But, apparently, Akothee never bothered.

“After threatening to kill myself she did not even come for us but she later sent my aunt Cebbie to pick us up and we joined her in Nairobi,” she added.

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