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Huddah Monroe’s secret to that banging body has been revealed

Huddah Monroe’s Instagram photos are her number one marketing tool. The socialite gained her fame after she participated in Big Brother Africa season 8. Despite losing, she quickly gained popularity by taking advantage of the platform to grow in Kenya’s entertainment industry.

After Big Brother Africa, Huddah had to keep up and to do so; she was seen posting several semi-n#de photos online. Her complexion, quite okay to most Kenyans, was also not satisfactory according to the socialite. She, therefore, went on a mission to improve her looks through cosmetic surgery. Huddah Monroe has since bleached her skin and gotten tattoos.

Huddah Monroe 2Now to keep that body looking wow here is Huddah’s secret. Not Very pricey if you want to try it.

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#HuddahGlam #StarGal

Huddah’s secret weapon seems to do wonders and most importantly it is all natural. It promises weight loss and a flat tummy in just 28days.


Interesting indeed. So for all you ladies who want to look like Huddah will you be giving this a try?

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