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Alex Mwakideu breaks silence on infidelity allegations

Not so long ago, gossip king Edgar Obare exposed the so called ‘Porini boys crew that slept around with women using their celebrity status. On the list happened to be resident Milele FM presenter, Alex Mwakideu who was exposed to have cheated on his wife, betraying her trust and putting the continuity of his marriage at stake.

It is said that he had cheated with a fellow presenter known as Barungi, a lady he happens to work with at Milele FM. Edgar Obare exposed him as a good liar who knows how to hide his tracks. Despite the stories going viral, Mwakideu ignored the whole situations and did not comment on it until just recently when he chose to open up on the whole incident.

During his morning show, Alex Mwakideu decided to take the chance to address the situation that has been making rounds on the streets of Nairobi.

”There is a sense of peace you have when you say the truth. Recently I was trending on social media. There was a ‘ngamia’ I don’t know that wrote a story about me.”

He then proceeded to defend himself saying he is innocent and that Edgar Obare is just peddling lies wth intentions completely unknown to him. Unlike Jalang’os exposè, Mwakideu was lucky to have Kenyans behind him – as most still don’t believe that the church man with good morals is capable of cheating on his wife.

He proceeded to acknowledge Kenyans for supporting him .’’ But Kenyans supported me a lot saying “Mwakideu can never do such things.’ But the truth is, all those that were written did not happen. I tried to explain to the mother of my children not to believe such stories because they were not true.’’

The fact that he is currently with his family and managed to save his relationship with his wife only goes to show that he was able to convince her that he was innocent and everything else was a lie.

Now that he has finally come clean to the public, I hope the rumors can be dropped and the man can now take a break from all the drama.


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