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Too cute and too cuddly is what these Kenya Celebrity Kids Are

Forget all the drama you may have heard about these celebrities, besides we are all human, right. At home these celebs are parents to their beautiful kids that they love to show on social media.

From the creative announcements celebs use to let fans know of the baby’s arrival, to their baby showers, the first picture of the little one and then seeing the babies glamorous lives, it’s all captured for social media.

These kids are already living the rich life because of their parents’ status, but we’re not complaining.

Take a look at some of Kenya’s cuties.

1. DJ Soxxy’s Daughter & Son

Popularly known as DJ Soxxy, Gospel DJ Jackson Kamau and his lovely wife Anne have been together for such a long time.

DJ Soxxy and Anne met when they were in high school and they dated for four years. The couple got married in 2010.

Initially, Anne struggled to get pregnant because of a medical condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which is a common cause of infertility in most women. However, in December 2013 a few days before Christmas, Anne surprised her husband with the news that she was pregnant.

Today, the couple has got two beautiful kids that they cherish so much as they believe that they are the most precious gift they have received in their lives. They have a daughter, Eliana who was born August 2014 and a son, Ethan, who was born on the 2nd of July in 2016.

DJ Soxxy and Anne have definitely weathered the storm together of not being able to conceive, but now they have a beautiful family.

2. Size 8 and DJ Mo’s Daughter & Son

Family definitely comes first before their lavish lifestyles and careers. Size 8 and DJ Mo have been married since 2013, a total of seven years.

The couple is blessed with two kids, a girl called Ladasha Belle Wambui born in 2015 and a boy born in 2019 named Sammy Muraya Junior – DJ Mo named his son after himself.

These cuties are the exact resemblance of their parents and if their Instagram pictures are anything to go by, Size 8 and DJ Mo will do just about anything to give their little cuties a good life.

3. Janet Mbugua’s Sons

The year 2015 saw Janet Mbugua and Edward Ndichu, who were high school sweethearts tie the knot and exchange their vows. Their love story started when they were in the same high school in Mombasa.

As they like to tell the story, Edward used to try to woo Janet when they were younger, but she never caved in. However, they reconnected years later and tested the waters by making their relationship official.

Edward and Janet share a son, whose name is Ethan Huru Ndichu who was born in October in 2015. They have a second son, Mali Mwaura Mbugua, who was born on the 17 of September 2018.

Motherhood has been a pleasant journey for Janet with her boys.

4. Grace Msalame’s Twin Girls

One of Kenya’s most loved celebrities, Grace Msalame is a mother to two beautiful girls. Grace co-parents with Paul Ndichu who is Eddie Ndichu’s, (Janet Mbugua’s husband) twin brother.

Grace admits that she never got married to Paul and they had their twins out of wedlock.

The girls are twins, Raha and Zawadi, that one can hardly tell them apart and with Grace’s Instagram pictures with her girls, it is clear that she is enjoying being a mother.

These girls are a spitting image of their mother.

5. Nameless & Wahu’s Daughters

Nameless is married to Wahu who is the co-owner of Ogopa Deejays Label, which is the record he signed to in 2001.

Wahu Kagwi and Nameless got married in 2004. They have been blessed with two girls, Tumiso Mathenge born in 2006 and Nyakio Mathenge, born in 2013.

6. Octopizzo’s Duaghters

There’s nothing as cute as being a daddy’s girl and Octopizzo’s girls are already living a life that many envy.

The shiny and over-the-top lives of celeb babies will always be fascinating and with more Kenyan celebrity babies on the way, it’s just a matter of time before we find out what the next baby trend is.

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