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You wont believe Why Grace Ekirapa Canceled Her Wedding at the last minute

NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa was set to get married in a white wedding a few days after holding a mega traditional wedding that was attended by hundreds.

She was super excited. Then she suddenly wasn’t.

And just like that, the wedding was canceled and the relationship ended.

Speaking in an interview on Chat spot on Switch TV, Ekirapa opened up on why she had to cancel her wedding in 2018 and immediately end the relationship.

“I realized I was making a huge mistake,” she said on the show.

“I wasn’t going to get into something I hadn’t thought through. I knew it wasn’t God’s idea for me, I was going get into something and hurt someone who didn’t need to be hurt.”

Grace EKirapaThe presenter, who hosts the Crossover 101 show alongside Award-winning DJ Mo, confessed that she was quick to get into another relationship because she was still hurt by her previous one. She canceled the wedding because she believed her then-fiancé was just a rebound.

“2017 I went through a rough break-up, after the relationship i was in for four years leading to marriage did not work out,” she said.

“That same year I got into another relationship and I was heading to marriage, 2018, I got engaged in February, in March I did my traditional wedding and I was to get married on my birthday which is April 27.”

She went on to confess that even though they were in love, she realized that she had rushed things something that might come to haunt her in the near future

“The guy was in love, he was my friend but we were not good as a married couple because I had been hurt and I jumped into something,” she went on.

Grace EKirapa Wedding“It was a rebound out of pain and I was rebelling to god, ‘i had kept myself all these years and I didn’t happen, so, I’m still gonna go and get married. I wanted to prove to people I can get married.”


“I had 400 people at my traditional wedding, a week after I had a conversation with god. I was like, I can lie to everybody but I can’t lie to myself of you. I took a break for two days and I went to pray and asked God to show me two things, to give me so much love that I would go knowing this is it or the courage to break up,

“I came back and I called him and I broke it off and hell broke loose. I got backlash from everyone, I was called all kinds of names, my social media was blowing up. People did not understand. They had an opinion. If God knew that other people’s opinions were going to matter he would create us with a blank piece of paper and pen on our backs. So that everywhere you go, if you have an opinion you can write it.”

Finally saying:

“Human beings, mind your own business. Noone knew what i was going through they were caring about their perspective. I stayed in my house a whole week crying not eating not sleeping.”

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