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Watch : Exclusive house party that has landed Health CS Kagwe’s son Kahush in trouble

Kenyan Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has not had it easy this past weekend after a rough welcome in Kakamega county only for his son, Kahush to get caught in the thick of a house party that went viral for flouting Covid-19 government regulations.

The basic thinking you’d expect is that if the Health CS preaches water, he and his loved ones should at least drink the same water and not wine.

Mutahi Kagwe

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. The CS was ambushed over the weekend with questions regarding his son’s allegiance to the government regulations that he had time and again insisted on if we are to beat the virus.

Sadly, it seemed his son spoke a different language and responding to the same, Mutahi Kagwe clarified that he houses no son below the age of 18 so we should ask the son and not him.

Kahush 2

Just like that, he distanced himself from his son’s misconduct and as we wait to know what becomes of the son, here are details of the house party that Kahush graced over the weekend.

Thee House party
Kevin Obia, is a Nairobi-based business magnate known for his opulent life stunts – most of the times caught on the wrong side of the law – with a circle of friends who are but individuals rolling in the same league as his.

Over the weekend, his birthday went down, this time a bit low-key with elite city night clubs shut down, forcing him to have it in-house.


In attendance was rapper Kahush, Radio King Shaffie Weru, Nairobi’s youngest sponsor Shaq the Yungin, Kiss FM’s Jalang’o just to mention a few.

As always, drinks and ladies on set, music at its best and parte after parte went down. Until the cameras narrowed down on Kahush with two other gents with zero Covid-19 observance, drinks on their hands, a little tipsy and singing to some background tunes.

Sadly, for Kahush, his life had just began, dragging his dad’s name in not such good limelight.

Here is what Kagwe had to say about his rapper of a son’s conduct over the weekend:

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