Lady JayDee dishes out all the dirt from her failed marriage

Bongo singer Lady JayDee recently celebrated 20 years of being in the music industry! Indeed it has been a journey full of laughter, tears and above all, good music!

While in the music business Jay Dee got to meet Gardner who married and lived with her for 9 years. At first their union seemed to be headed the right direction until Gardner started eyeing other women on the side!

Of course this led to nasty fights, arguments and the fact Jay Dee had not yet conceived for Gardner only made things worse for their marriage.

With time the two decided to walk away from their marital home; a decision Lady JayDee remains grateful for having made!

Lady Jaydee and Gardner


‘’We were married for nine years and were both at fault because we are all human and make mistakes. I can’t speak for him, but on my part, I have closed that chapter and will never go back to him. We are just friends although at first, we feuded, something that happens with divorcing couples. Now we drink wine together. I even know his new lover and we get along.’’

However what we can confirm is that Jaydee is happy to have walked out of her marriage with no child! She made this known during her interview where she said;

My marriage didn’t work out. I was not happy at all and that’s why I decided not to carry on. My husband was cheating on me and had become a drunkard, while I was working so hard and giving the relationship all that I was able to. I am just happy and thank God that I don’t have children with him.


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