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How Jacque Maribe rose from intern to respected senior political reporter

Jacque Maribe’s story is a unique one, starring in drama during her high school days, later landing a job at K24 with an untold story of how she got despised for challenging men in her unquenched thirst for a career in political journalism.

Unlike the olden days when parents would have their kids enroll in the so-called serious careers like Law, Medicine etc – her parents were fine with her passion in Journalism.

She enrolled at the University of Nairobi as the premiere class pursuing Journalism and Media Studies before Mediamax got hold of her offering her internship in her first years.

Jacque Maribe on duty

Barely 2 weeks into her job, her boss realized the potential in her before popping the question “what exactly is your passion?”

For young Jacque, politics was her passion but her boss dismissed her like:

“No! Politics is literally a man’s world. That is not something you should be thinking of getting into.”

Unknown to her boss, that right there had challenged Jacque to prove herself to the patriarchal society.

“That literally became the driving force that took me into the world of politics, not just as a reporter, but as a female reporter.”

Jacque Maribe on set

She hung on at K24, bagging a promotion to senior political reporter before getting poached by Kiss TV for the same position but shorter period.

Jacque’s exceptional reporting skills got her a chance at Citizen TV – every journalist’s dream – and she took that opportunity and ran. However as a woman in the political space, that was a dream come true but also a lot of work. You have to push yourself beyond the limits to prove yourself and it paid off.

Standing as the first ever female political reporter to exclusively interview President Uhuru Kenyatta within State House grounds, at a time she was heavily pregnant with Zahari.

Jacque Maribe and son

Her reporting is what brought her to higher and respectable grounds in the political space, until all hell broke loose.

All of a sudden, I had to take an emergency break. 2018 was a very interesting year for me, having risen like that only for everything to literally come to a standstill.

As she bounces back, Jacque affirmed “However many times you fall, get back up!”


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