Kambua shares 10 facts about herself as she celebrates 1M Instagram followers

Citizen TV presenter Kambua has become the latest Kenyan celebrity to reach one million followers on Instagram and she is over the moon about it.

On Thursday, an excited Kambua put up a post thanking her fans for always showing her love and keeping up with her page hence the huge social media following.

Celebrating the new milestone, the Rauka host decided to share 10 fun facts about herself in a bid to enlighten her new followers about her true self.


10 Fun facts about Kambua

“Cheers to 1M of you for showing this 5’2″ Kamba ghel so much love! Well, most of the time (jk)! 🎉

For all my new followers here are some fun facts about me- I’d love to know a little bit about you as well💁🏾‍♀️

1. I am a momma to the most adorable 8-month old ball of energy. His name is Nathaniel (gift of God)

2. I am married to a tall, dark, glass of… Coke! 😛 His name is Jackson Mathu.

3. Music is my happy place. I hum almost ALL the time. Find my music on YouTube.

4. I’ve hosted a gospel show for 10years on Citizen TV.

5. I am a serious introvert. But my work forces me to engage😰

6. I am a book lover, but I haven’t picked one up in 8 months 😪

7. I don’t take sugar in my tea. I also don’t take coffee.

8. I am lactose intolerant. I take Almond milk if I must.

9. I am currently dealing with postpartum alopecia💪🏾


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Source – dailyscooping

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