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Kenyatta University students have developed a prototype ventilator in seven days

The coronavirus crisis has presented great opportunities with people thinking fast and developing new technologies in response to the pandemic.

Kenya which has been relying on international manufacturers for most of its needs has embraced local innovations that have put the country on the world map.

As global medical equipment companies struggle to satisfy the demand for ventilators, a group of 16 students drawn from Kenyatta University have developed a prototype ventilator with a span of seven days.

Once approved by the government, the students will be able to produce up to 50 ventilators to boost the current number in the country which stands at 540.

Ventilators are designed to take over the body’s breathing process when an infection has compromised the lung’s capacity giving the patient time to fight off the disease and recover.

Governments across the globe have ordered thousands of ventilators to help ease the pressure on hospitals caused by the coronavirus crisis.

In Other News – Maureen Waititu: Happy Easter Weekend

TV host and social media influencer Maureen Waititu have just posted this Happy Easter Weekend message to her fans.

Due to the coronavirus, most countries around the world are on Lockdown and others are just self-quarantine to help curb the global pandemic.

Maureen Waititu

She took to her Instagram to post this picture saying ” This is exactly how I imagined spending this weekend, but oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️! Just here eating 5 times the recommended calories! You can see it in my baby pooch and thickum thighs, continue reading

Source – KBC

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