Diana Marua to hubby Bahati – I am thankful to God for you

Love is in the air this Lockdown period and we should take a leaf out of Diana and Bahati’s book of love. Diana Marua shared a picture of day 4 of the Instagram Challenge #30DaysOfThanksgiving.

She shared a picture with her hubby Buhati reliving memories from what seemed to be a baecation. It’s the words she shared that really got to us. She was loving and thankful….

Diana Marua and Bahati

She said – Day 4 #30DaysOfThanksgiving Aheeeemm, let me clear my throat first 😂 My Hubby, My Best Half, Bestfriend, Heartbeat, Sunshine, Ride or Die, My Soulmate, The one who God chose for me…. I am thankful to God for you, you are a blessing in my life.

My children are Blessed to call you Daddy. They will grow up not knowing where boundaries are set as opposed to how we were raised because y’all like playing cat n’ mouse all the time. They see Daddy, they know its playtime 😂 The relationship you have with them is admirable and I wouldn’t be more proud.

I have done some silly things but I love how you correct me out of love. You have taught me about life, about God and about how to guard my heart with all that I have.

I love it how you remind me from time to time “….Feed your Focus, starve your Distractions…” this goes along way to keep me focused despite the few challenges that come my way. Thank you for this Babe.

We have accomplished soo much together but you never settle. I love how you work hard for us and I appreciate you for all the effort you have put in our lives to give us nothing but the best.

I know the best is yet to come and I can’t wait to explore life with you. Juu ya hiyo story, I can’t wait for “THE GRAND WEDDING” 👰 I LOVE YOU BESTFRIEND @BahatiKenya YOU MAKE ME HAPPY ❤ #NiJesus #30daysofthanksgiving #waJesus #Blessed

Buhati also shared a throwback picture with his wife and favourite person and was reminiscing the time they went for a holiday in Dubai.

Bahati and Diana Marua
#TBT Before Rona when Ken Wa Maria took my Babe to a Romantic Vacation in Dubai 😜 @Diana_Marua

Love is in the air for sure for these 2 lovebirds. We wish them all the happiness.

Source – News365/Instagram


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