Kambua Muziki gives us an insight into what she really misses

Kambua Muziki gives us an insight into what she really misses and we feel for her especially this period when its Lockdowns and Quarantine left to right and centre. Boredom and lack of activities has been the order of the day for most people.

Some people are sharing pictures from their Bali vacation but that is a dream that will take some time to come true. Kambua Muziki took to Instagram and told us what she really misses and as always she did it in style with an amazing picture that left us asking for more.

Kambua Muziki

She said – You know what I really really miss? Sitting in a coffee house reading a book and listening to some good music. Oh what I’d give to get just a little bit of that. But you know, there’s still something special about this season…getting time to really reflect, reconnect with myself and my family. Think through the things that really, truly, matter. I’m savouring the peace of God. The stillness. The voice that quiets everything to a whisper. We will make it through this. It may get tougher before it gets better, but isn’t it comforting to know Jesus is in the boat with us? The fire will not burn you; the waters will not drown you. You are in a great storm, but why are you fearful? đŸ’›

Earlier, Kambua went down memory lane sharing the picture below and had lots to say. See below for what she said about her father. It’s always sad when we lose the ones we love.

Kambua Muziki

She said – 6 years ago today, my Father went to be with the Lord. It has taken me years to heal and fully come to terms with the loss. Grief is like unfamiliar, uncharted waters than no one can fully prepare you for. Grief is multilayered; just when you think it’s over, it reveals itself in a new light.
I have grieved the fact that he never got to meet my beautiful baby boy. I’ve grieved my fading memory, guilted myself for forgetting things I should remember about dad.
But I will never forget the sound of his booming laugh, nor the sparkle in his eyes, or the warmth of his hands… just as I will never forget how cold they were before he breathed his last.

Hope she is all healed as they say, time has the ability to heal all wounds. We wish her all God’s Comfort this day.

I wonder what are you out there doing with this quarantine and lockdown? What skills have you perfected and most of all, what do you miss doing?

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