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Kalonzo urges Kenyans to follow Govt directives during COVID 19 pandemic

Kalonzo says the COVID-19 virus has caused massive disruptions in our way of life – both in social and economic terms – rendering thousands jobless while many businesses have closed down, and families are staring at an uncertain future.

Kalonzo, however, expressed his gratitude towards Kenyans for their patience, resilience and perseverance during this very challenging period saying, “There is great hope! In fact, history has shown that periods of despair and hopelessness are often followed by moments of a great renaissance. I have little doubt in my mind that Covid-19, though a very bitter pill to swallow for Kenya and the world at the moment will soon be a thing of the past.”

The Wiper Party leader further sent his message of goodwill to Kenyans ahead of the Easter holiday saying while they will not congregate to celebrate as has been the case, they have the perfect opportunity for self-reflection, both as individuals and as a country.

“I call upon Kenyans not to neglect those whom God had anointed as His servants. At this time of crisis, they need our support more than ever before. I am talking about bishops, priests, pastors, and others who have been ordained to preach and minister to all Christians, as well as Muslim clerics, Hindu pujaris, Jewish rabbis, and every other spiritual leader.” He said.


South Africa President Ramaphosa says the coronavirus crisis has worsened around the World since he addressed the nation two weeks ago when he instituted the lockdown. The president says the public has “reaffirmed to the world” that South Africans come together at a time of crisis.

He says he had met with provincial Premiers about interventions in provinces on Thursday. Ramaphosa also sympathises with the public for having their lives brought to a halt. He says South Africans have largely stuck to the new regulations and would like to personally thank them.

President Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa says government will introduce a comprehensive economic care package and will increase social support to assist vulnerable households. read more

Source – KBC

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