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Anne Waiguru saved by Covid-19 pandemic

The High Court of Kenya has suspended impeachment proceedings against Anne Waiguru who is Kirinyaga Governor, citing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Judge Weldon Korir on Tuesday ruled that the Kirinyaga assembly should wait for the Coronavirus Pandemic to be contained before they proceed with their case.

Judge Korir explained that holding the impeachment proceedings at this time will automatically prejudice Governor Waiguru’s political rights as well as that of fair administration and hearing.

“In my view, the unique circumstances posed by the Covid-19 pandemic impose a duty to the court to interfere with the county assembly’s mandate in so far as the impeachment proceeding is concerned,” he said.

“The governor’s rights are threatened [and] the doctrine of public participation will be violated.”

However, the judge was quick to note that were it not for the pandemic, he would not have heeded to Ms Waiguru’s request to halt the impeachment process.

Source – Nation

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